"Rich File Manager" in node-red


I was searching all day on how can i display a file manager in node-red dashboard. Something similar to "Rich File Manager". But without results.
Any suggestions, ideas, exemples,.. would be very helpful and thank you.


What filing system are you wanting to show? The local FS - e.g. in the same context as the users browser? Or the FS from the system running Node-RED?

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i want to show local FS.


You cannot do that. It is a cross-domain security issue. It would allow a web page to discover and leak local device information to a remote web page.

You could work around it by running an instance of Node-RED on the same device.

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how's that ?

i was trying to list files using "fs-file-lister" node but i have output msg like this

topic: ""

payload: "settings set"

_msgid: "31331011.404c7"

it suppose to display file names in payload as i read in info of "fs-file-lister" node. But, i really don't understand what does it mean "settings set" in payload..??


What release of NR and Node.js?
What platform is NR running on?
What do you have for the settings of the node?
Are you sending anything to the node? If so what?
can you provide a copy of the flow - just the input to the fs-file-lister node and the fs-file-lister node will do
(How to share code or flow json)

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That lists the files available to Node-RED so unless you are running Node-RED on the same device as the user's browser, it will show the servers files and not the "local" ones.


i really don't understand this very well... But is there way to show local files on node-red dashboard??


Hi @hathemi

I assume you mean the files on the filesystem local to where Node-RED is running.

You can build a dashboard to show whatever data you want. There is no prebuilt example for the dashboard that I'm aware of that will do what you ask. So you'd have to create it from scratch.

So to answer your question, yes it is possible, but it'll take some time and effort to create.

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By 'local' files that means files on the device that the browser is running on. This could be a differend device that the one you are running NR on.

For example, NR could be running on a raspberry pi, but you might be using you PC or Mac to get to the backend or dashboard. In this case you could only list files on the pi.

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i want to show somthing similar to "node-file-manager"
https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-file-manager on dashboard in order to manage my local FS on dashboard
.... i will try to build it


Why not just install NR on your local machine?

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yes i'am running Node-red in my local machine.I really do not get your point of view..


@hathemi I think that has been a bit of confusion in this thread as to which files you wanted to browse.

You can run Node-RED on Machine A and then open a web-browser on Machine B to access the editor running on Machine A.

You want to browse the files on Machine A - where Node-RED is running.

Some of the replies on this thread have thought to you want to browse files stored on Machine B - where the browser is running.


ah!! i understand now
.@zenofmud .. i just want to manage my local files on dashboard.


can any one explain how fs-file-lister works ??!


not better than the specific page for that node that is linked from the README

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i have read it and i have tried it and i get this in msg.payload

topic: ""

payload: "settings set"

_msgid: "31331011.404c7"
what does it mean settings set ??


Plenty of good advice here:

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thanks a lot.. i will read it and see what i get