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I am looking for a possibility to display files on the 'dashboard'. These are files that are written out in the 'static folder' of the NR server (Windows). Currently they are not there, but it is not a problem if this would be easier to solve.

Specifically, I would like to 'navigate' between folders and files (always pdf), and be able to open and close the files. All filenames and foldernames depend on the time and input fields on the dashboard (so: variable names)

"node-red-contrib-filebrowser" seems like an option. However, I am getting errors installing the node.

Are there alternative options? I've already done a lot of searches without success. I know that there are already several topics open on this forum regarding this question, but they do not meet my needs or have no solution.

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That node says it is specifically for network shares. I suggest looking at something like https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-fs-ops

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