Right Axis in the Time plot

Hey guys,
I'm trying to use the right Axis in my time plot.
But when I use msg.axes I'll only get the error "...must be an array or null..."
I want to record my internet speed and ping.

How can someone help me to use the right Axis for my ping with a different scale and unit?

This is how I use the right axis;

msg.payload = data
msg.labels = ["zero line", "Power grid", "Solar", "Diverted", "Diverter temp"]
msg.widths = [2, 2, 2, 2, 2]
msg.colors = ['blue', 'red', '#ffd23d', 'grey', 'purple']
msg.axes = ["right", "right", "right", "right", "left"]
msg.left_unit = " °C"
msg.left_decimals = 1
msg.right_unit = " W"
msg.left_min = 10
msg.left_max = 40
msg.right_decimals = 0
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Perfect, thank you so much.
I was struggling for hours :see_no_evil:
I miss understood how to use the axes

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