Robotdyn ac dimmer


Hey all,

Newbie to the node red programming and working through it pretty well. I am wanting to create a reptile environment control system using a Robotdyn AC dimmer. I was wondering if anyone has used this or a similar hardware product. I want to use it to adjust the voltage and dim ceramic heat lamps to sustain a constant temp. My questions is if anyone has created a node that can adjust a PWM with zero point. I have no knowledge of creating nodes just using them.


If you know how to drive the PWM then <blatant plug> I suggest node-red-contrib-pid </blatant plug> for controlling it. You haven't said what device you are going to run on. I assume something like a Pi, in which case you could use a DS18B20 temperature sensor.


Hey thanks colin,

I am a pi 3b with the ds18b20.


I believe the standard GPIO node will do PWM.


Do you know how I could regulate, dim or adjust ac voltage without the device inward discussing


Sorry, I don't understand the question.


If you are asking how you might control the heater without the dimmer then the way I do it is using node-red-contrib-timeprop in conjunction with node-red-contrib-pid. Then you can control the heater with a relay output in the pi or an SSR.