Rpi-gpio node files location

Does anybody know where I can find .js, .html and .css files for rpi-gpio node (it was installed as rpi specific nodes with node-red installation).

I need to change GPIO table(on the pic below), but can't find files location.

I don't have the rpi nodes installed but I think you should be able to find it in:

Why do you need to change it?

I don't know if it's a good idea to edit Node-RED's own files (what happens when it is updated?), but here's how you can find the files on your system:

locate /@node-red | grep rpi

If you don't have locate, install the mlocate package and run /etc/cron.daily/mlocate once:

sudo apt install mlocate
sudo /etc/cron.daily/mlocate

Here it found these files:

pi@rpi ~ $ locate /@node-red | grep rpi

Thank you so much! I found it.

I would also ask. What are you looking to change ?