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Hi Everyone,

It's been a long time since we have connected, and I've missed you guys!!

I have a technical question regarding my challenge with the general GPIO out/In nodes for Raspberry Pi. I'm using a different, unknown SBC (similar to a CM4). Everything works well, and node-red v3 is up and running. The challenge I face is that the GPIO node pins id's don't match those of my board and thus don't work at all. However, If I run a quick simple phyton script from the terminal, I can confirm my hardware functions as planned and the LED on/off as intended from the GPIO Pins. I can confirm it's not the same as Raspberry and would like to change the GPIO Node file with the pinout data to match my board.

Now my question is, where do I allocate this lib or file to be amended, and is it even possible? have some attempted this before?

It would be great if someone could be so kind to assist.

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Hey Peter, long time no see. I hope you are well.

Unfortunately, I don't do much with GPIO at all & not having the same board as you I am unable to give you a leg up.

I know there are others on the forum that do and will be better able to advise.

In the mean time, the source code for the GPIO nodes are here:

You may have some success hacking away.

If you do, we might be able to find a way of letting users specify custom mapping (or perhaps provide a "hardware mapping" drop-down?) Pure speculation until someone with more knowledge in this area pops in.

Hi Peter, welcome back.

Which GPIO node are you referring to? There are quite a lot: Library - Node-RED (

Those are only Pi specific though aren't they? If using a different SBC, no reason to think those would work at all.

Quite right Julian.

See here:


In fairness, I made some assumptions from the statement "The challenge I face is that the GPIO node pins id's don't match those of my board" (I read, "if the IDs were lined up, it should work")

This is where the hardware guys step in and tell me to keep out :smiley:

I doubt many of the active people on the forum have the capability to keep out of things - I know that's one of my failings! :flushed:

HI @Steve-Mcl , thanks for the quick response and so nice to hear from you again my friend. I will have a look at the link you shared maybe it get wiser .

The standard RPI nodes are the most common ones used on RPI.

Yes, but I thought you weren't using an RPi? Did I misunderstand? But if you are using a Pi, aren't the pins standard on all of them?

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