RS485 hardware for DMX

Hi all,
It is quite common on the Raspberry Pi to use RS485 hardware for DMX output.
I have done a node search but with no luck (so far anyway)
Dose anyone know of such a node???

How is that done?

RS485 is a hardware solution.
Basically, it is nothing else than RS232 but in a different electrical configuration.
Typical RS232 uses one line for RX and one line for TX and ground.
RS485 uses a balanced line for TX nad RX.
You won't find the node for it.

RS485 isn't a problem, you can get usb/RS485 dongles. DMX uses different timings doesn't it? I assumed that was the problem here.

Here are a few links of hardware/hats used by different projects.

So DMX is only RS485 @ 250K baud .... more info here..

Id love to throw a Node together for the community, but im not that skilled with Node JS

If you search for DMX in the node red flows site there are a number of hits. Are any of those helpful in your application?

I have been using ArtNet nodes for DMX for many years .... I was just hoping a library/node would be hidden away and I may of missed it

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