RTU modbus server

Hi All,

I have two node red systems connected by a serial port.
In one of them, I have a modbus flex getter module reading by the serial port.
In the other, I have a TCP modbus flex server, accesed from a TCP modbus flex getter that receives a request via serial node from the first system. The reading from server is properly done.

My problem is in returning the response to the first system, because on that later one what I get is a timeout error. Has someone tried to do something similar?

In the request for access of the first system, I get the request plus two bytes that I imagine was CRC. Is that true? If yes, Does someone knows which algorithm is used for that? I have tried, apart from CRC modbus, other methods but I could not build a valid example with a known sequence. If not, what these bytes are? I have though not sensing a proper CRC could be the cause for not having data on the first system, don't I?

Thank in advance to anybody that can help me a bit :slight_smile:

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