Running Multiple Node-RED Projects in a Single System Separately on Dashboard

I have developed couple of Screens that I want to launch on dashboard UI , now can I launch these screen separately on dashboard at a same time and use different settings and dashboard styles for each of the screens while not affecting each other.
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Not easily. Currently there is one dashboard tied to one project. You could perhaps use the dashboard link object to create links to the other dashboard and vice versa but the two projects would be running on different ports.

Hi @dceejay
Thanks for the reply , Can you share an example or any references on how can I run dashboard on different ports
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You said you area already running multiple screens ? Are they not from separate flows already ? How are you running them ? Or maybe you need to explain the problem/setup you have a bit more.

Hi @dceejay
So, I have 2 flows that are created in node-red is running on dashboard UI , I want to know can I run Flow 1 on one dashboard UI URL and Flow 2 on different dashboard UI URL, currently when I launch dashboard I can see both the flows in one dashboard UI URL (like flow 1 as tab 1 & flow 2 as tab 2) , and I want to have different design and CSS Styles for both flows.

Probably the easiest way is to run two separate instances of Node-RED.

Hi @TotallyInformation
Thanks, I Found few threads on it I will try to do that .

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