Runtime/Editor split

This topic has been discussed in the past but there is no clarity if Editor and runtime can be used separately now.

With the new packaging in place, how can we use Editor and runtime separately?

While the components are packaged separately, they are still heavily dependent on each other.

If you wanted to run the editor on it's own you would need to stand up a HTTP server to load it from and which provides enough of the Admin API for it to load it's config and node definitions.

The runtime can be run in headless mode and with httpAdminRoot (disables both the editor and the Admin API) or disableEditor (just stops serving the editor)

So the main question would be what are you thinking of doing with separate parts?

I am planning to use the editor as a standalone service and will serve multiple users. It will Store the flow files in a DB or file system for each user. Runtimes would be fed with flow files in separate processes

As I said, you are going to need to stand up all the backend APIs to support the editor, especially as they'd have to be customised to give the different results to each user.

As it stands I'd be tempted to say a shared editor for headless backends might not be the right way to go at the moment. Spinning up a full instance per user is likely to be simpler and if you need to scale instances you can always run extra headless backends tied to a DB based storage plugin.

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Thank you for your response. I actually deleted my post just add it to your response. My intention was not to trigger any action. But you are right, once posted, a comment should not be removed. Learning for future :slight_smile:

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