S7 1200, OPCUA, Dashboard

With a variable created in the TIA portal type int.
I connect it with the UAexpert and it gives me nodeId= ns=4;i=5.
In the dashboard I create an OPCUA Client and activate it as reading.
I create an input text where I place the topic as a string ns=4;i=5;dadetype=Int16.
don't work.
can you help me?

The PLC is an S71200FC. I've tried the same thing on a 1500 and yes it works.

When I put an amount from the dashboard the server stops and I find this message

In variable mode I also tried number but it doesn't work either

It's 'datatype'. Not sure about Large or lower case right now, just try it.
Although you can use an 'OpcUA-Item'-node. There you can easily select the datatype.

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