OPC-UA BadTypeMismatch (0x80740000) - S7_1500


i am using node-red-contrib-opcua in my current project.
I am able to read/write boolean values with the opc-client to my S7-1500.
Now i am trying so send a numerical value e.g 70009, to my S7.
For some reason i always get the error BadTypeMismatch (0x80740000)when trying to do so.

This is what my topic looks like:

The datatype of Wr_UserData0 is LINT.
What am I doing wrong?

Also: I am not a Pro, so be kind :smiley:


Was able to solve it. Leaving this here, for the people googling this issue:

While reading using the client node, it is good enough to define the datatype as number,string, boolean in Nodered. While writing, you have to define the OPC-UA datatype in the topic.
You can find an overview here:


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