I have a question, I read data of the sensors from API by S7 node, and I send this data to a database that I created. What I want to do is that if I add a sensor, I want it to be added without modifying my node or add variable. Is that possible with node S7, or if you have a proposition I would be glad.
Thank you

Yes of course this is possible I actually do this myself. In the PLC is ladder that buffers sensor data in a FIFO and presents it for collection in one fixed/known memory area that node-red polls. When future sensors are added to the PLC, we simply add a line of ladder to push its value into the the FIFO buffer and the existing framework collects this data.

This is a slightly more descriptive post here...

I don't know if I get it
With the S7 node we should declare every single variable so that we can read it. How we can get this variables automatically via PLC
Do you have an example you o fthis application ?

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