Save sizes (widget and group) horizontal and vertical

Hi all, I have been developing a small example with the dashboard, and I have been modifying the parameters of Widget Size, Widget Spacing, Group Padding and Group Spacing of the SITE tab (attached image), but when I export the Flow (.json) to another instance of Node-RED, I must manually configure in this instance these parameters, my question: is there any way to save or store these settings in the Flow file (.json), so that when importing from another instance they are automatically modified (or use a template node that automatically configures them).


I was thinking it might be with the template nodes, but I'm not sure what properties I should modify. I found that I can use my browser engine tool, but I am not sure if it corresponds to the same parameters:

I appreciate any help.

someone who can guide me?

hi @dceejay sorry, It is this possible? or am I lost?

I think it is possible only if you save your theme as custom theme and then you can load it from library.

Hi @hotNipi Thanks, okay I'll try with theme library, and comment the results.

Thank you @hotNipi I had understood that the library (custom profile) only stored the color settings in the dashboard, but also stores the settings of the site tab. Now I'll try to save the JSON into a template node to test.

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