Scroll OLED SSD1306

Hi, I'm new on Node-Red.

I've a Raspberry 3B with an Oled display SSD1306.
I send a text "Hello World".
After that i activate the scroll.
The scroll truncate the text and don't work in a continuous mode.
How to solve this issue? Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

"direction": "left",
"start": 0,
"stop": 127

Hello @ic81, welcome to Node-red!

Can you get the display to scroll continuously with a Python program independent of Node-red?

yes with python is working fine....i'm trying to convert into node-red, but i'm not able to solve this issue...

I guess that the python script must be running more or less continuously, at least while the display is working?

If so, one approach would be to amend the python code so it gets it's instructions over MQTT. Node-red can send a message ("publish" it) and the python script "subscribes".
You need an MQTT broker, but you can easily set one up yourself - Mosquitto for instance can very comfortably run on even a Raspberry Pi Zero W - or use a cloud based one such as hivemq

Another possibility is calling the script from Node-red using the daemon node.

Node-red is excellent for stitching together smaller independent programs, it's not essential to do everything completely within Node-red.

It might seem OTT to use a message passing application but in fact there are advantages, even if the publisher and subscriber are on the same computer.

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