Searching for an icon

Did you include this bit on the "other" machine ?

<script src=""></script>

Ooops. No.

Trying it now.

But - alas - I found a whole other can of worms directly with this thing.
Subflows are fun..

I'll let you know soon.
I just want to get this new problem at least tied down before it gets away on me.

I am really destroying my credibility today.
A lot of dumb mistakes.
Now I have to work out which answer is THE solution.
(can I have 2 solutions?) :wink:

Erm one of mine :joy: :joy: :joy:

(Argh, I foget: Is it Steve or Sean?)

I would love to, but the other reply that showed me the extra " was the problem at the time.

Yes, your added bit when/where I had to include the extra icons is ALSO important.
My hands are tied.

But you do get an honorable mention.
(See my new thread I am about to open)

Actually, as a general remark you are not alone here :wink: To find a suitable icon for a dashboard text, button.. can be cumbersome. There a two build in classes "awesome" and "material design" however these libs all have different versions and when you follow the links to the original websites you often dont find the appropriate description of icon names etc.. for NodeRed.
I wonder whether in a future NR version all icon families are local, well documented..?

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