Securing acces to one specific node - possible?

Hello folks,

i want to secure the access to only one specific node. This node controls the housedoor, so my family can open the door in case e.g. when no key is available. Basically the dashboard is accessible without authentification, the access is only possible when you are connected to a separate WLAN. But i want more more safety in that case.
Is there a possibility to make this work?


How about sending a key and have a switch node they it in front of the node you want to secure

You can hide a group on your dasboatd and show it only when a correct password is provided.

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Okay, thats sounds good :+1:
Easy to implement and use. I will give it a try.


Yes, i understand what do you mean. I will try it if i have no success with the suggest of @zenofmud

There is one caveat - if you haven't setup security, someone who can access the dashboard can access the editor and could look at th code to get the key.

With that in mind, you should read Securing Node-RED : Node-RED and think about implimenting it.

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