Seeing all topics after switch?

I have a flow where I do a split which gives me 12 topics. I then run the output through a switch node where I have rules to match 10 of the 12. I have verified the value of each switch output and it's only the value of the topic. Where it gets odd is I send the switch output to a chart node and the chart displays all 12 topics on the legend? Any suggestions on why it is doing this?

In the attachments I cut it down to 4 topics, but it still shows all on the chart

Have you previously sent the other topics to the chart ?

It will "remember" any topics that are sent, so if you only want to see data from 1 then you may need to clear the data first.

Inputting a msg.payload containing a blank array [] will clear the chart.


Thanks, that did it! I was thinking down that path, and disabled and reenabled the flow to think it would have reset the chart, but your fix worked!

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