Send Dynamic Numeric Value(Recieve from PLC) to MSSQL

I am recieving some DINT value from PLC which I want to send MSSQL database. For that I am using INSERT. But i can only send String Value not any Dynamic value.
I want to PLC value to MSSQL.

INSERT INTO [Dev].[dbo].[MQTTData] (Topic,Payload) VALUES ('alpesh','Sensor')

In this How i can Map my PLC sensor value to Payload.

If you search on for "sql" you should find example flows you can import to see the correct syntax.

It's also worth reading the page in the documentation on "working with messages"

Sir,I have tried a lot. But i could not MAP my PLC variable to SQL

If you are using the latest version of MSSQL-plus node it has several examples in the built in help (I know, I wrote them).

Here is an example...

INSERT INTO [Dev].[dbo].[MQTTData]
VALUES ('{{topic}}',{{payload}})

Additionally, you can leave the SQL empty and send a SQL statement into the MSSQL-plus node.

It's all there in the built in help (right hand side bar under the "i" into tab) and in the readme