Send input value on input changes

How can i send the value of input text when it changes it value ? i have tried msg.send(msg.input) but it doesn't work !!

		msg.input = $("#search_field_input").val();

Any ideas?

wasn't it the change event you'll need to listen?

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yes it is ! is it possible to send the input value on change event?

It's hard to tell as it is not clear where and how you are trying to use it. Have you tried to debug the objects you are using? Is the msg object available?

whenever the input took a value, i want to send it and use it in another node !

Hi @hathemi

I assume you are using node-red-dashboard? Is this in a ui_template node?

The sidebar help for the ui_template node has a section called Sending a message that provides an example of sending a message. There are other examples on if you search for them.

yes you are right. i'am using ui_template node. thanks for help.

Explore this example. Some parts of it are pretty close to your use case.

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I've not so much experience with node-red, but I found a node wich triggers each time a defined element chnages.
That's rbe.
you will see, very easy to use...
Hope to have helped you.

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thanks a lot. it really helps

I use Report by Exception node