Send Payload from one RPI to another RPI


I’m trying to send out the payload from a sensor reading from one Raspberry pi to another Raspberry Pi . This way I can have multiple readings in one Dashboard. I tried using the TCP output and Input and they connect but the payload msg comes out in Hex instead of the readings from the sensor. Is this the right route I’m taking by using TCP? Or is there any other way to transfer from one system to another. Do I have to format the output prior to using the TCP node? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Pedro Fuentes

Why not use MQTT to pass the data?

I would agree MQTT is probably the easiest method.
You might need to draw a thumb-nail sketch to see how all the IP and Port numbers are mapped.

Thanks, I imagine that I would setup A broker on one node. Right?

Correct- just put the broker on the central or main PI.
But for the TCP node - how have you configured its output ? As strings should probably be what you need.