Send push notification in local network to iphone

I would like to set up monitoring of my internet connection. If this fails, a push notifycation should go immediately to my iPhone. The whole thing has to work in the local network, when my iPhone is connected here via wifi and also when I can't reach the internet.

The main problem is how to get a push message to my iPhone, without an internet connection (I usually use WhatsApp for this, but that doesn't work when I can't access the internet).

Do you have any tips for me?

Have a look as Bart his webpush notification.
Not sure if it works on I-phone, good reason to buy a decent Android phone.

Many of us use Telegram bots to achieve this. With the advantage that you don't have to listen to people telling you you are on the "Wrong" platform :rofl:

They are fairly easy to set up and relatively secure. They are also 2-way so you can use Telegram to issue commands that are processed in Node-RED. You can now even create web apps that work in Telegram - though I've not quite got round to that yet.

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Contrary to expectations following Elon's acquisition of Twitter the Node Red node Twitter is still fully functional. I use two Twitter accounts, one to send from Node Red and another to receive on the iPhone as a follower of the Node Red Twitter account.

has been resolved, have solved it via a local chat server

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