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Hi All,

Is there any way to send notification to mobile device(iPhone) using node-red without any Internet connection? I have one iPhone device that connects with node-red device using wi-fi in a local network. how I can send notification (email or sms) for this device when an event occurs.
any suggestion , please.

I assume that you mean to say "I want to send an sms or email to my phone while I am away from my local network."

What have you tried so far? what nodes are you using that are causing a problem?

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If node-red does not have an internet connection how can it possibly send an email?
Also, unless it has a mobile connection then it cannot directly send SMS.
There may be a way of getting a notification to the phone directly via WiFi, but not using email or SMS.

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Actually, I connect the mobile phone with my device( where the node-red and access point) via Wi-fi and without Internet.
I am thinking to create local smtp server in another device where the node- red can send email to this server and the server send back to phone( I don’t know how , may be another WiFi) or maybe I should install smtp server in the same node-red device and use the existing WiFi to send to the mobile.
We can do this ?! or is there another way to send notification for mobile device without internet or cellular network.

So is the idea to have NR at location 'A' that has no internet connection and you could be at location 'B' with your iPhone and receive messags from NR?

If so, you will have to connect the NR device to some gsm device that can send the message. If you are using a raspiberry Pi to run NR, there are several gsm hats you could potentially use to send the email with. Just google 'rpi gsm hat'

This should be an interesting adventure for you getting all the parts to talk together!

To keep it off the airwaves, you could...
Setup and install an SMTP email server on your pi and point your phone's eMail client at the pi


Use one of the many MQTT frontend applications for iPhone and subscribe to a broker on your pi.

Of course you would have to be on the same network for the emails or MQTT messages to reach your phone.

I believe the iPhone requires a internet connection for push notifications as it uses Apple servers. The only way around this is for the app to do background checking, one typical app that can do this is the email client, so as mentioned above setting up a email server and MTA like postfix in your server/pi should do the trick.

If a MQTT client does do background checks then this would be a better option or at least easier to setup option, but I’ve not seen one that does (anyone?)

Thanks guys