Send Raspi Ip address to Telegram


i want to send the current ip address as a message to telegram.

Attached the flow. I don't know how to get the msg.payload from the exec node to
the telegram node.

flows(2).json (449 Bytes)

Many Thanks for helping

I use this node to get the ip:

I got the Ip from the exec node, thats not the problem, what I'm trying to solve is how to get the payload from the exec node to telegram

Which bit don't you understand?

The extract of the data or the formatting for Telegram?

In the meantime, I got the solution

so what was your solution?
By posting the answer other people who have the same issue can find your answer rather than just reading that you fixed it


Hi, ok sorry, sure

i got a soltution with following code (function node, before telegram sender node

msg.payload = {
chatId : xxxxxx,
type : "message",
content : "IP Raspi: "+msg.payload
return msg;


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