Hi I am newbie with Node red, Exploring just over few months, working on a test project to send SMS using HUAWEI-SEND-SMS node. the wingle device is in the approved list and I am able to send SMS no issue. If the trigger to the node is very fast the device pops error "125002: Unknown" or "125003 : session error ". I had tied with a queue node to have delays in between and tested intervals from 10 secs to 30 secs to 1 minute to send the queue out to the SMS node. The result is the same with a very specific pattern that the same 2 errors pops out every 2 SMS send. Any inputs will be helpful.

It looks like the code has it timeout the session on errors 125002 and 125003.

Amy pointers to check on this? thanks

You may have better luck asking the developer about it, as this seems to be an intended behavior. You can raise an issue here: Issues · zinen/node-red-contrib-huawei-router · GitHub

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