Send WOL over second Interface


i recreated my Network at Home. So i have 3 Subnets now. WOL dont work over subnets.

So i have add a new network Interface to my Smarthome Node-Red Server with a Networkadress in my Client Network.
Smart Home
Client (ip

I simply use "node-red-node-wol" to wake the Clients. Now its dont work. Mac Adress is set. Target Adress i tried without and and some other. Nothing work.

How i can fix it? With a Node or something?


Can you ping the device you are trying to wake, from the node-red machine? When it is switched on obviously :slight_smile:

Wake on lan packets (layer 2) are not routable (layer 3), either expand the subnet to /16 or create some kind of WOL proxy that captures the packets (all the time) and trigger WOL upon receiving the packet, not really practical.

Yes i can ping through the subnets. But Wake on Lan not allow to send the magic package to another subnet.

I think node-red send the package with eth0 (smarthome net) at the moment. This package must send with eth1 (clientnet)

I don't think that is the issue here, I think it is whether the node sends it out to both interfaces.

If you swap the wires over (if possible) does it then work for that machine, but not the others?

Its a virtual Mashine. I added a new virtual network card and rebooted the vm.

Presumably you have real wires to the actual devices you are trying to wake, or are they virtual too?

The Clients wo wake are real. Before i changed to subnets, the WOL runs fine. (node-red to 100 and 120 clients). Now it dont run. I think i will install a WOL Proxy for testing. Multi network Interfaces make trouble for my other Nodes with Sonos (unreachable errors)

In that case you could possibly swap the wires to check that the package is being sent only on the one interface.

If multi network interfaces cause problems with specific nodes then that should be reported against the nodes. It is probably worth submitting an issue against the wol node so it will be brought to the attention of the developers. I looked at the code but don't know enough to be able to see a problem.

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