WOL Node red not working(solved)

I have a node red flow to wake up my iMac but can't get it working.
I hope someone can point me in the right direction ?
I have looked at post:

to try understand a little more , have entered mac address and broadcast ip, but no luck..

I am quite new to node red and hope therefore you forgive my lame explanations:)
Node red is running on my iMac - wake up for network access is turned on - and am trying to send a http GET from fibaro hc2 scene , also on same machine/network.

I have enabled debug on node red (node-red -v) and can see that the WOL magic packets are being received but are not waking up my iMac .
Is it right to assume that node red must be running on another machine in order for wol to work ??

Please if anyone has been here before.
Thanking in advance

If the mac goes to sleep, node-red will be sleeping. WOL means some other device sends a WOL to the mac making it wake up.

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Or the (awake) MAC sending the packet to another (sleeping) machine

Thanking for both replies , i understand the Logic in this , but how do you keep a flow running on a PC ? I mean, understanding that my Mac will og to Sleep after a set time , where do i run the wol for node red . Seems that the solution is to run node red on a separate machine / server .
I really appreciate your Feedback and thank you for your time