Sending Emails on specific dates

Hi guys,

I'm very new to Node-Red and using it within Home Assistant. I am wanting to setup an automated Email that gets sent on a specific calculated day every month. I will try and break this down the best I can:

Email needs to get sent 10 working days before the same day a month later
Email cannot be sent on a weekend or a public UK holiday

So for example if the last Email sent was on the 20/04/2023, the next Email would need to be sent on the 5/05/2023. This is because the 20/05 is a Saturday, so 10 working days (Mon to Fri) would be the 8th, but the 8th is a Bank Holiday so cant be sent then either, so would then need to be sent on the Friday prior being the 5th.

I realise that Easter is a problem due its flexiable date.

I look forward to peoples responses to this.

Hi James, welcome to the forum.

It looks like you will be needing some date based arithhmetic - add a calendar month, subtract 9 days.
node-red-contrib-moment might be useful for this.
Then keep subtracting a day until your proposed email date is not a saturday, sunday or bank holiday.

You can obtain a list of past and future bank holidays at
Retrieve it with an HTTP request node set to return a JSON object.
It has sections "england-and-wales", "scotland" and "northern-ireland".
You say you want to exclude UK holidays so I guess you will need to compare your proposed email date with all three sections.

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