Sending notifications from NR (again)

Hi guys!

I live in a strange place in the world, where whenever something is going on (IDK, a windy day or something, or the sun is shining too much xD) the first thing that goes down is my ISP :smiley: and then other services start to fall (e.g. Single phase of electric grid or something)

My place consist of house and a shed/garage, both controlled and connected to a single NR instance (for now at least) and a single MQTT server, so whenever something is going on in the garage and I am at home I will have no knowledge about it, until I get a notification. And I will not get an notification from any cloud based system, because my ISP is dead. Also NR and my LAN are connected to UPS so they will be ON most of the time

So the question that I need answer for is, do you guys know about a self hosted notification system, that will allow me to work without internet connection (when I am at home), but also have the ability to send notification over internet in case when I am not at home?
I have a server both at home and "in the field" so hosting multiple instances of the app, tunneling, vpn or anything is OK until I don't need to thing about it too much (e.g. reconnect my app when I leave home)

My requirements are:
Works on android, (would be nice to have a firefox plugin/desktop app to show notifications on my PC also) NOT a cloud based system, self hosted, possible to send messages via internet when my mobile phone is not connected to wifi at home. Would be nice if I could send a response to NR via this notification system but this is optional

I couldn't find a solution for myself on this discourse, most of the ideas are cloud based or MQTT based (which is local only IMHO) so non of them really satisfy my needs

Hope I made myself clear and you guys will prove to be useful, once again :smiley:

If you want to receive notifications when you are away from home and the internet connection is down, you probably need an SMS based system. Either a dongle with SIM card or else an old phone that's set up to forward MQTT messages by SMS (IFTTT, or Node-Red on the phone could do this?)

I know, and I can live with it :slight_smile: this is not the real issue here, the real issue is "How to avoid a cloud based solution and have a local one instead, and have a way to talk with my phone whenever both are connected to WAN, or LAN (without WAN)"

The options seem to be something like this:
Untitled 2
(You could use HTTP etc instead of MQTT, the same connection dependency)


You could also investigate LoRa (WAN) if you simply want to sent short messages within a few kilometers without paying for something like SMS / internet.



Yes I believe hat this is something that I desire

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