Sending synology NAS temperature value in a complete sentence by email

Hi everyone.

before starting i'm a real beginner with node red and i'm trying to train myself with some basics.
right now, i'm trying to collect the temperature information from my synology NAS and i'd like to send the temperature value by email if it's >= to 40degres.
I'm using for that the "node-red-node-email" and "node-red-contrib-syno" nodes.

flow is :
generate a timestamp every 5 minutes.
Connect to my NAS DSM
Create a switch with "msg.payload.temperature" >= 40
if temperature above then email that temperature value using the email node.

I'm receiving email with correct value (here was 41 for instance) but I'd like to receive a complete sentence notification such as "ALERT : Maximum temperature reached for the NAS : <msg.payload.temperature> degres"

I'm not sure how to play with payloads info and existing nodes to get that result.

Could you help me please?

Welcome to the forum @minouch

Have a look at the template node (not ui-template). That can be used to easily perform payload insertion into a string.

Hi Colin,
it worked using that template node with the payload insertion "{{payload.temperature}}".
many thanks :slight_smile:
Have a good day

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