Sending "up" and "down" commands with a touch screen

Hi to everybody,

I am a beginner with node-red and raspberry PI, so my question is may be strange :slight_smile: I will try to formulate my need.

I have a machine with a Nema34 motor that I drive with a Modbus RTU stepper driver.
I am able to send write & read modbus orders to the drivers, and the motor runs correctly, CW or CCW, and stop when I want. This is ok.

To do that, I use standards button from dashboard, that sends the regester values to the modbus.
1 button for CC, 1 for stop, and 1 for CW.

However, it is not exactly what I need. What I want is like a real time action.

When I push on CC or CCW button, I need the motor to run, until I release the button. I have tried the realtime flow

<button ng-mousedown="send({payload: 'down'})" ng-mouseup="send({payload: 'up'})"><i class="material-icons"> volume_up </i></button>.

This could correspond to my need.
The thing is that flow can't work on touch screen (like my Iphone), as a long press mean's that you want to copy the text of the button.

My main objective is to write an app that will be used with a 5'' Raspberry PI screen.

How this will be handled with 5'' touch screen ? This kind of action is possible ?

Thank you for your help,

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