Sense HAT made by Waveshare


Anyone tried to use Sense HAT by Waveshare? If yes, can share any guides on how to make it communicate using Nodered? I searched online and seems online working with Python.


Unless you find a ready-made Node-RED node contribution you can use the python support

Create a python-mqtt bridge using the samples and description provided by the supplier. Like
SenseHAT <--> Python script with support for mqtt <--> Node-RED

There are several discussions on this forum about this and with python example code how to add mqtt support to a python script. You can use those as "templates" for your project

EDIT: And there is a node. Sometimes it makes sense, not only when working with Sense HAT, to use sense in google,

The Sense HAT by Waveshare is not the Pi Sense HAT and I doubt that the pi-sense-hat node will work with the one by Waveshare. On the product page of the Waveshare product there is also a comparison table between both:

BTW: I have the Pi Sense HAT in my Smarthome Raspi and could help you or anyone else how to integrate it with Node-RED.
But the Sense HAT by Waveshare looks also promising, especially it "allows to connect more external sensors if you need".

As I see it all the sensors are i2c sensors. So either you find individual nodes for these sensors or use the i2c node and the Datasheets to get the sensor reedings. All are pretty common sensors so it should be doable.

First I would use the i2c scan node to check if you get a response from the sensors. The adresses are mentioned in the link you provided.

I did a quick search in the flows library keyword: i2c and found two pages. But even if not you can read or send data with the generic i2c node. You only habe to find out the registers and package size and make sense out of the raw data you will receive.
I did that for a i2c io-expander. Was a satisfying experience to dig deeper into the sensor.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the feedback. Will try to find out how to make it work. Quite new on this programming stuff.
Appreciate all your inputs. :wink:

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