Separate port for editor ui and server

I am surprise that we cannot have different port for the editor ui and the actual server. Reading documentation it state that uiPort change the listening port for the editor ui. But it also change the port of the http in node for example.

It feel logical to segregate the two from a security perspective. I understand that there are credential but port would make it easier to expose certain part. Yes one could use NGINX (or equvalent) to filter endpoint.

I search NR forum and Trello and don't seem to find conversation about this. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

Didier (big fan of NR)

No - you are correct - there is only one server process running - (so one port) - which has different paths / endpoints for the runtime side and the admin/editor side. Yes the usual way to move one to a different port is something like nginx or traefik.

When (if?) I find time to do some more work on uibuilder, it already has most of the work done to allow the standing up of its own ExpressJS server instance which will also give you more flexibility.

Though that wouldn’t help the http-in node the op mentions

Sorry, no, it would provide an alternative.

First I would like to mention how impressive is the involvement of community with question. I truly appreciate.

I have not looked at the code but my assumption is that NR is based off node.js. It doesn't seem to be a challenge to have node listening on a second port. The optional separation by port would allow simpler access control. As you stated other are offering option probably for that purpose. What is the best way to propose improvement and where can one contribute?

Thanks again

After posting I had a look on how to contribute. Sorry for posting question before looking around.

I still feel that segregating materially different activity by port is good practice.

It isn't which is why uibuilder will be implementing it.

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