Sequence with variable delays


I am new to node-red, but finding it to be awesome. I am trying to create a sequence of messages to automate some irrigation. So, looking to create a sequence of outputs with different periods, such as

Output Zone 1 - wait 10 mins
Output Zone 2 - wait 10 mins
Output Zone 3 - wait 20 mins
Output Zone 4 - wait 20 mins
Output Zone 5 - wait 30 mins
Output off

I have got most of this tried using a functions and can get the sequence working and have tried the delay node (set to rate limiter) which works great with a common delay.

But, any ideas on how to create a sequence with different wait periods?


Pretty simple to achieve with 5 schedules in the node-red-contrib-cron-plus node.

I like that idea. Simple.

But, with CRON do you not need to specify a time / date / etc? Rather than a duration?

I would like to trigger the sequence when a message is received, and then follow the sequence / timing: 1 for 10mins; 2 for 10mins; 3 for 20 mins; etc

Can the cronplus node be triggered and only then start a sequence for defined intervals?

You could just have a cascade of delay nodes...

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If you are doing a irrigation/sprinkler there are probably lots of people in here who have done it. Maybe ask for examples?

I did a similar thing with variable delays between transitions in a finite state machine FSM).

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