Serial Communication issues

So this is a weird one.

I am currently using an IOT2040 from siemens to communicate with a rs232 device. I can monitor traffic on my serial port via puTTy. When using 'screen /dev/ttyS3 9600' on puTTy I am able to see all communications, but am unable get the serialport node working in node red. I am currently on version 0.16.2 on node red and version 6.12.3 on node.js. My flow in node red is just serial->debug. I have tried every setting in the serial node with no luck. I have also made sure that I am not running puTTy while doing this. It does state that the serial node is connected. I have also tried to inject test strings on the port to monitor it, and am able to send things out of my iot2040, but have nothing showing in the debug window. Any suggestions? also, I am running yocto

Are you using the correct line endings ? You may need \r rather than \n .

To my knowledge, looking at the user's manual, the transmission ends with 0x04. I have also attempted every parameter you can change within the serial node(binary buffer, have it time out, etc.). In the past, I usually opted to run node red on a beaglebone with little to no issues, but that is not an option here. I also checked to ensure the port is part of the dialout group, which it is. Is there anything unique to yocto's version of node red that I should aware of?

edit: can confirm it ends with EOT from probbing.

Might not be applicable here but I had an issue with entering an ETX in the line ending for a project I did.

I tried hex version, ETX, 3 and more. In the end, I set the serial port such that I got something in debug and located the text representation of the ETX, copied it and pasted that into the line ending box.

Not sure it's applicable but never know.

I think the problem is solved for now. For some reason, no idea why, but I attempted it again. The only difference in the serial node settings is that I did not use my numpad to type in 0x4. All settings were the same. I imported a previous project with the same configurations for the same device, and those settings did not work.