Serial data from arduino


hi all
i interfaced arduino with raspberry pi and getting serial data on node red from serial node but i want to print sensor data on dashboard gauge
My msg.payload is giving "distance:xx"
i am using ultrasonic sensor to get distance i already done it with pisrf node


@mani2411 Right now your post isn't a question, its just a statement. It really helps if you spell out what you want clearly and also explain which bit you don't know how to do.

What have you tried?

You have msg.payload set to something like distance:xx - I assume you want to pull the xx value out of the payload to pass to a dashboard gauge. Is that right?

From the previous thread you started, I realise you don't know much JavaScript, but it would really help if you spent a bit of time looking at it. There are countless results for 'how to split a string in javascript'.


thanks for being so patient i got it working can i use any other language instead of js for function node


The function node uses javascript as Node-RED is a nodejs app. But some people have published nodes that allow you to use python for example. You can search all the nodes at