Serialport and Victron Cerbo GX incompatibility

Hi, I appreciate that serialport library is available for Node-Red.
I want Victron Cerbo GX to read data from /dev/ttyS7 (aka VE.direct1) port, where is Voltronic Axpert inverter connected. (2400bps,N,8,1). With proper hardware interface (TTL to RS232) , Serialport request node is able to send a request ("QPIGS"0xB7""0xA9""0x0D") to inverter and Axpert inverter is able to respond and sends a string of characters. (Like "(000.0 51 230.0 etc. ended by CRC code and 0x0D).
Unfortunately, there is some problem with Serial In function in Cerbo GX environment, because received string of characters is visible directly from command line, when used "cat /dev/ttyS7", and is terminated by split charcted 0x0D, but it is not received by requester or Serial In node. Requester always ends by Timeout.

maybe try splitting on the character 0xd instead of 0x0d ? or try \r instead ?
(Yes they should all be the same thing but...)

Thank you for your reply. Old rule says that if I send a question, I will find answer sooner :slight_smile:

Reason is found: another process in Cerbo GX operating system was competing for data from port, because Victron expects that there are some MPPTs connected and frequently listen on all available ports. Most of data from buffer were then devoured by that process.

When /dev/ttyS7 port was excluded from /etc/udev/rules.d/machine.rules , system stopped to listen on it and port is now free and working as expected. :slight_smile:

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