serverTime: 1618879709491

in my Node i have a information about time.
in the right side of the node output
i got a
serverTime: 1618879709491
when i do click two time i got something more usefull like
serverTime: 20.4.2021, 02:48:29 [UTC+2]

thats where i got the information
var serverTime = msg.payload[0].serverTime;
is ther option to set to get the second output as variable?

have a nice day

Hi @vikozo

You can convert the value to a JavaScript Date object and then use any of its to*String functions, such as toUTCString

msg.payload[0].serverTime = (new Date(msg.payload[0].serverTime)).toUTCString()

works perfect thanks a lot - just had to change it from

toUTCString() to toString() to get the central europe sommer time , but maybe would be a better way?

have a nice day

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