Service of Node-red is not showing in my Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS AWS server for Securing Node-RED

I installed Node-red(version: v2.2.2 and Node.js version: v14.19.1) in my Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS AWS server. Here I could not see a service of Node-red by using this command " systemctl status nodered.service" but I am able to acees node-red by "localhost:1880".
I try to secure Node-red by using this link "Securing Node-RED : Node-RED". but service is not available in my system so I could not secure node -red. pls help me how service of node-red show in my system??

If you installed node-red manually, you have to set up the .service file as well. I've an example file in my alternate installer repo on GitHub. Can't remember how complete the instructions are in that repo though, you might need to look up how to use the file.

I installed node-red from official website "Running Node-RED locally : Node-RED" in my system. Installed successfully but service of node-red is not showing by "systemctl status nodered.service" (Unit nodered.service could not be found). How I can show or listed service of node-red in Ubuntu??

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