Service :: Turn off not working

Hi Guys,

I have some strange behaviour (running node red v1.3.3) where I call a service to switch off a switch, but it switches it on instead? Any ideas? As you can see below I am calling the turn-off but it fires turn_on?!



Many thanks

This seems entirely Home Assistant related so you might be better asking on an HA forum.

thanks will try them - I thought this was NR related :slight_smile:

Well it obviously is node-red related in that you are using node-red. However, that node is provided by HA so if it is not doing what you expect then you need to ask someone who knows about HA. Most here use node-red standalone to run their system, without HA.

That node will override settings based on the inbound msg. So if it receives "turn_on" in msg.payload.service, it will override the "turn_off" config. Alternatively, the override might be in the data property, which is getting merged. You could use a debug node to show the whole message going into this node to look for it.

Thanks @michaelblight , I added a switch node and that works!

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