New Switch not available in Node-Red

I'm fairly new to Node-Red, but not a complete novice. I have successfully created a few automation flows that work quite well.

I just installed a new Sonoff TX 2 channel switch, which I flashed with Tasmota, in our retreat to power a ceiling fan and light. I've been able to add the "switch" definitions in HA's configuration.yalm file and the two switches show up on the HA home page. I can switch on and off the fan and light from HA's home page, so that all works.

What I am trying to do is automatically turn on the ceiling fan whenever the fireplace, which is set up on a generic thermostat climate control, is set to heat mode. I can get a trigger from the climate control, but the problem is, the new fan switch and light switches do not show up in the list of devices to services to call.
I can call other switch services,so I know this should be possible, but they just don't show in the list.
What other info would you like for me to post to help you help me?

OK, it was a simple fix. One that I "should" have thought of, but was unaware the option existed.
All I had to do was to Restart the Node-red plugin for Home Assistant.