Set a command to delay notification

I'm new to node red and I'm setting up notifications on of camera when someone is detected. This is the setup below:

This is the notification (ignore the pic and message, it's just an inject node)

The setup is by default delayed by 2 min per notification. However, I sometimes need to set the notification for 10 min or ignore for whole day. How can I do that?

I need to somehow "switch" the output to the 10minute delay node but I'm getting a no message error.

The "switch" (!) node is here for that. Based on conditions, you can send the message to different outputs.
What is/are the conditions to use 2 min. / 10 min. / day for the delay?
Describe the conditions in the switch node and done.

There is no condition. It will be a "command". When I click the "Delay for 10 min" in the inline keyboard, it should "switch" to the 10min delay node like this:

I don't know how to work on this with the callback query.

Could you have 3 keyboard buttons (no delay, 10mins, 24hr). You could then convert what ever button is pressed to a time delay in milliseconds and set it to msg.delay. Then before the notification node have a trigger node which delay is set by msg.delay. Or similar

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