Set max value in “VProgressCircular” (ui-template)

Hi, Is there any way to set max value in “VProgressCircular” vuetify component, I’ve been learning about how to use vuetify components with ui-template node of Dashboard 2.

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In the API there is a way to set max value in “VProgressLinear” with:

max string number 100
Sets the maximum value the progress can reach.

But in “VProgressCircular” I can’t find anything. I hope you can help me.

There is no max. It is for representing 0~100.

Use a scale node to scale your value into that range.

You can still show your original value by using a slot

  <div class="text-center">
    <v-progress-circular :rotate="360" :size="100" :width="15" :model-value="scaledValue" color="teal">
      <template v-slot:default> {{ value }} </template>
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Thank you @Steve-Mcl, I will try it.

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