Set up cloud node

Hi ,Can anyone point me to how to set up the cloud node to access the shelly cloud.Thank you

Which node?

Why? Why not just turn on the MQTT support - that way you aren't dependent on the Shelly cloud.

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True, but will I need a broker on the internet for remote access?Thanks for your interest.

Are the devices on the same network as node red? If so then you can run mosquitto on the node red machine.

No they are not on the same network. My problem is I would like to monitor a shelly EM from a remote office using the shellycloud node. I cannot get the shellycloud node to work,the documentation for this node is not very clear. Anyone used this node?

No, the whole point is to be able to run your system locally with no cloud. That's how I run my Shelly devices. In fact, for my home setup, the broker, Node-RED, db, etc all run on a low-power old laptop.

They are not on the same network.

Nope, I avoid vendor cloud services as much as possible for home automation and IoT.

For remote monitoring, I would still set up locally and then use a trusted edge-connection service such as Cloudflare Zero Trust to gain external access. I'd use a Telegram bot for notifications (set up using Node-RED of course).

I guess I will have to try that route,I was however looking for something simple to remotley get the data from a shelly EM

It is a little more complex to set up. However, once set up, you don't have to touch it again. And it is a lot more secure and less bound to the vagaries of specific vendor cloud services where they tend to either get bored or want to save money by cutting off older services.

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