Set up raspberry pi

Hi All

I backup my flows on 4 Pi's via email everynight, I would like to be able to have a single image on an SD card with an initial address ie 192,168.1.1 and port 1880. When I go to that address i want to be able to import the saved flow and in the flow there is someting that sets the ip, port and host name of the pi once node red start and reboots the pi if the ip address was changed.

Thanks for any thoughts on this

I suggest a simple bash script to copy the flows, and setup the network. It will be tricky to do in node-red as it will need root privilege. With a bash script you can ssh into the device and run the script.

Thanks for the reply, just happen to be reading how to do a bash script. I will see what i can do, so far looks a bit complicated!!

It will be time well spent, it is a useful skill to be able to write simple scripts.

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