Settings.js location in Dietpi and entry for contextStorage


I like to enable context data writing to file.

I found the following entry for the settings.js file





5 contextStorage: {

default: "memoryOnly",

memoryOnly: { module: 'memory' },

file: { module: 'localfilesystem' }


Im unsure if it needs a comma at he end? I have seen different samples and have no idea how it will look like placing the entry on the end of the file.

Second problem is the settings.js file location. There is no such file in my home directory.
See the list searching for the file:

root@DietPi:~# find / -name settings.js

I assumed it is the file:

But after a rebooting it seems not to work.

Thx for any suggestion


I think that is the wrong one. The one you want is identified in the terminal output when you start node red.

It doesn't go at the end of the file. Look through the file and you should find the section already there commented out, or with default settings.

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