Settings.js Termux in android


I am using a script to start up node-red when the android systems boots up.

I am trying to change the setting.js file but a don´t what is the path for the the right one.

How to change the node-red setting.js files ? Where is the setting.js file path that node-red is " reading " when it starts up by script ?

I remote access Termux by FTP server with this command $ tcpsvd -vE 1024 ftpd -w /.

I´ve found one node-red setting.js , i´ve change the settings i wanted for authentication but
nothing happen when i start node-red session ? Any ideas ?

no idea ... you're blazing new ground here !
The settings.js should be in the users directory and is listed in the console when node-red starts, so hopefully that will tell you the correct one.

For me it is in /data/data/com.termux/files/home/.node-red. As Dave said, it tells you where it is when you start node-red.

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The settings.js is in the place you described. The things are running now , settings.js were edited and the script file running at boot is starting up node-red in my android device.

Thank you for your help ,