Severe Lag with flows

Currently running a single box docker install of:

  • home assistant 0.91.1
  • node red 0.20.5 with node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket 0.10.2

I've been running the same setup for a few months, when I suddenly started seeing severe lag and non-responsiveness of my node red install after a reboot. Automations will take tens of seconds to fire, if at all. The web interface takes about 15 seconds to load. Redeploying with just a minor change (i.e. node position) will result in instant responses for a minute or two, and then things will revert back to the degraded behavior.

My setup consists of a mix of zwave devices (via the aeotec stick) and esphome devices. I am not seeing any issues within HA itself.

I was originally a few months back on releases on all parts and upgrading all did not seem to help anything.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to start debugging this?

step one is there anything in the logs?

That can't strictly be true as node red 0.20.5 is very new.