Home Assistant node red add on websocket errors

I have a problem on HA 0.106.2 and have had it for the last couple of updates.

Node red add on version 6.1.3, but has been ongoing for a few versions now, since I reinstalled and setup Home Assistant over my old hassbian set-up a few weeks ago.

I am running home assistant on a pi3b+ with official power supply, installed and boot from ssd.

This is stopping alexa from being able to control lights etc and causing lag generally in the system.

Logger: alexapy.alexawebsocket
First occured: 4:07:31 PM (28 occurences)
Last logged: 6:32:30 PM

WebSocket Error: <class 'concurrent.futures._base.TimeoutError'>

I am also getting this error repeatedly as well:

Logger: alexapy.alexawebsocket
First occured: 4:44:04 PM (5 occurences)
Last logged: 7:06:34 PM

WebSocket Error: <class 'aiohttp.streams.EofStream'>

I stopped the node red add-on and haven’t had any error messages for the last 5 hours or so.

alexapy.websocket errors continue repeating and building up in the logs and the whole system becoming laggy and sometimes crashing.

The only flow I have in node red is one switch and one script connected to alexa.

I think you stand a better chance of getting a reply if you post your question in the Home Assistant community forum. That's where the author of node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket posted the module and answers questions:

Thank you

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