Shared Folders in Windows 10

Hello, does anybody know the best way to share a networked drive in Node-Red using Windows 10.

I managed it fine in Linux with the fstab, but seems difficult in Windows 10.

I have tried fsops and file lister but these don't support shared or networked drives.

Any help much appreciated.

Are you trying to make a folder shared on a Windows 10 computer from Node-RED, or access files from a shared folder?

Trying to access a shared folder.

Tried the fs-ops, but it does not like the symbolic folder.

Basically it’s a network drive that I need to read and write from.

Any help much appreciated

How are you accessing the share.

By mapped drive letter or by \\server\share ?

Considerations need to be made for both...

If it's a mapped drive, is node red running under the same account? (Mapped drives are per user)

Is you're accessing a UNC share, you might need to escape back slashes e.g.